Csilla Luna - Esküvői fotózás

Wedding Photoshoot with female sensitivity

Csilla Luna

Colors, lights, shadows, shapes, beauty and my clients’ stories are what inspire me. My belief in a higher director principle and sacredness are really important parts of my life. I express my sensitivity and my view on the world through photos.

When I work I always aim for maximalism which can be reached by the right way of preparing.  I’m experienced, I look out for every little movement. I love to blend in with the background and not to pressure people that much.

What do I mean by that?

Basically photoshooting is an intrusive process but it has to be intimate because it captures clean, honest events. I’m trying to take photos which are authentic and capture real moments, evolving emotions.  My approach toward the actions are calm and easy. I love a very detalied and thought out plan but on your wedding day it’s all about you so we accept the flowing evolution.

I’m always there to fix your dress, your veil, your hair and to straight out a collar. After all I am just a calming friend, probably the only person who’s  spending the whole day with you.

Your wedding day is gonna fly by, so make sure to enjoy every moment of it!